Sensor for Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) Oxygen (O2) Ozone (O3) Alcohol (C2H5OH) TVOC ETO Methane (CH4) Propane (C3H8) Butane (C4H10) Hydrogen (H2) CO H2S NH3 HCL SO2 NO2 CL2

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We offer Customised Sensor, Detector, Reader, Monitor Design and Manufacture Service. 

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All our USB Readers, Remote Readers and Computer Log version readers are CE Certified. 

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Some of our Product Features:

(1) High Sensitivity, device responds very quickly to the testing environment, no cover means the sensor will have maximum contact with the air; a cover sometimes will increase the temperature inside the device and will affect the sensor reading.

(2) High Accuracy, sensor value calibrated by the factory and figure displayed in four digits, can tell any difference in 0.001 units. After comparison with other expensive and large size industrial readers, the data this unit gets show low deviation from other professional readers!

(3) After hundreds of testing by our engineers, we have used the best and most suitable sensor to ensure the accuracy and stability. We can also install other sensor brand upon your request, or add other functions, like Remote Reading, automatic Data Log etc., please contact us with your requirement. 

(4) Portability and easy to use, Plug and Play, you can now read your figure anytime anywhere with a USB power adaptor. We do not install the cover, display directly the inside design and sensor, to offer the most Cost Effective Solution to our customers.

(5) Factory Direct Sale, Manufacturer to Consumer Directly! Guaranteed Best Price on Internet!

(6) Free Shipping Worldwide! Production will take around 3 days. Delivery will take around 7 – 12 days. Tracking number will be provided! 

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(9) Please CONTACT US if any questions on products or service (Mass Production, Bulk Discounts, Modification, Shipping Upgrade, etc.,), we will answer every question Seriously, Shortly and Accurately!

(10) We offer Custom Design and Manufacturing service with No Minimums Required! Our
Strong, Reliable, Durable and Economical products have helped our customers globally
succeed in various industries.

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