Sensor for Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) Oxygen (O2) Ozone (O3) Alcohol (C2H5OH) TVOC ETO Methane (CH4) Propane (C3H8) Butane (C4H10) Hydrogen (H2) CO H2S NH3 HCL SO2 NO2 CL2

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All our USB Readers, Remote Readers and Computer Log version readers are CE Certified. 

Please contact us if you need your reader or control module to be custom produced,
We can discuss Sensor type, Function and lead time and we will quote you our best price.

We have some reader versions, uniquely developed by us, including:
1) USB Plug Play version; you can read data Anytime Anywhere with USB power bank/adapter, Portable and Convenient.
2) Remote Reader version, you can read data outside gas room with no protection, Suitable for field work or safety check.
3) Computer Log version, you can remotely and simultaneously read and record data in computer, save data in Excel for later Data Analysis or Presentation use. Free Software, Driver and Operational Manual can be downloaded from our Website.
4) Dissolved Gas Water Reader version, quickly read Dissolved Gas Concentration in water, Best Water Reading Pen in market.
5) Gas Monitoring and Automatic Switch On / Off Control Board for gas generator, Customizable and Cost Effective solution
6) Protective Covered version which can be OEM, ODM, add company Logo, Graphic, Slogan Text etc.,

Our Sensor Module Features:

(1) High Accuracy, most sensor module calibrated in factory already, NO additional work needed after purchase, so you can use it directly. Most sensors in market are not calibrated so you will need equipment and knowledge to calibrate the sensor. Our sensor module, after comparison with other brands, shows low deviation ratio.

(2) High Sensitivity, our sensor module features short first time use warm up time and quick response to the test environment.

(3) After several testing by our engineers, our sensor proves stability and durability, RoHS Certification Passed, Anti-Explosion and Coal Mining Safety Certification passed.

(5) Guaranteed Best Price on Internet! We offer Cost Effective Solution, quick and professional service to our customers.

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(10) We offer Custom Design and Manufacturing Service with No Minimums Required! Our Economical, Reliable and Durable products have helped our customers globally succeed in various industries.

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