4 channels 0-5V 4 channels 4-20mA USB/RS232/RS485 Modbus voltage and current data acquisition


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4U4M basic parameters:

1. Number of input channels: 1-4 channels 0~5V voltage input, 5-8 channels 4~20mA current input;

2. Input type: single-ended input/differential input;

3. Voltage input impedance 1MΩ, current input impedance 100Ω;

4. AD conversion resolution: 12 bit;

5. Measurement accuracy: 1% of full scale;

6. Power supply voltage: 5VDC or USB direct power supply;


  1. Provide supporting probe service; (Refer to this shop for specific prices, and you can get an immediate discount of 8 yuan/set)
  2. Support customized services (analog output, digital output, wireless acquisition, touch screen acquisition, host computer monitoring, etc.);
  3. Schematic diagrams, PCB, source code services are not provided for direct-sale products in stores;