4CM carbon monoxide CO sensor signal processing board and transmitter UK CITY


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Please note we have developed tailor made signal boards for this sensor, which can be purchased separately.
Contact us for more details about application of this sensor or various signal boards suitable for this sensor.

Model: 4CM

Brand: CITY Material: Mixture

Origin: other overseas regions

Output model category: analog sensor

Working principle: gas sensor

Applicable scenarios: environment, coal mine, metallurgy, fire fighting, petrochemical industry

Sensor category: gas sensor

Weight: 5g

Product parameters:

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4CM carbon monoxide sensor:

Working principle: electrochemistry

Effective electrode: three electrodes

Detection range: 0~2000ppm

Filter: with acid gas filtration

Filtering capacity: >20000 ppm/h

Sensitivity: 70±15 nA/ ppm

Long-term output drift: <5% per year

Resolution (electronically related): <1 ppm (typical)

Response time (T90) (for the concentration up to 500ppm): ≤10S at 20℃

Recovery time (decline from 100ppm to <2 ppm): <90s (usually <30s)

Reference offset (clean air): <±2 ppm of carbon dioxide equivalent

Baseline shift

-40°C to -20°C: <±3ppm of carbon dioxide equivalent

-20°C to +20°C: <±2 ppm of carbon dioxide equivalent

+20°C to +55°C: usually <+4 ppm (+9 ppm maximum)

Repeatability: <±2%

Linearity: linearity up to 2000ppm

Recommended load resistance: 5Ω

Bias voltage: not required

Weight: about 5g (nominal)

Azimuth sensitivity: none

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +55°C

Temperature coefficient at -40°C: 45~65% of signal w.r.t. + 20°C

Temperature coefficient at -20°C: 73 to 82% of the signal w.r.t. + 20°C

Temperature coefficient at +55°C: 105~111% of signal w.r.t. +20°C

Recommended storage temperature: 0°C to +20°C in a sealed container

Working pressure range: 800 to 1200Mbar

Operating humidity range: 15%RH to 95%RH non-condensing

Expected working life: 24 months in air

Storage life: 6 months in original packaging

Shelf life: 12 months


  1. It is forbidden to use an electric soldering iron to solder the lead wire of the sensor pin at high temperature. Please use it with the supplied pinhole!
  2. It is forbidden to use glue potting with strong heat, volatilization and corrosion properties!