Alfa B4 series air quality monitoring CO/SO2/H2S signal processing board, analog voltage output



  1. Power supply: +9V~25V;
  2. Signal output: linear analog signal [the output can be adjusted (the conventional board is not welded, please be clear when you need to adjust, and adjust 2 potentiometers at the same time), suggestion: 0~4.5V, and due to the difference of the probe, single The equipment needs to use calibration gas and acquisition application software to correct the linear slope];
  3. Power-off control: low-level effective (<0.5V), mainly used for range overload protection, and interval collection applications that need to save energy (such as battery power supply). After the power is turned on again, a stable time is required (5~ 10 minutes) before collecting data!
  4. Sensor probe: suitable for B4 series (Alpha Air Quality Monitoring) four-electrode sensor, read the introduction of each probe in the shop in detail, and when the probe is connected for the first time, it takes 5-10 minutes to stabilize!


  1. Provide supporting probe services;
  2. Support customized services (analog output, digital output, wireless acquisition, touch screen acquisition, host computer monitoring, etc.)
  3. Schematic diagrams, PCB, source code services are not provided for direct-sale products in stores;