ME2-C2H5OH Alcohol Sensor Traffic Police Check Drunk Driving Sensor 0-1.0mg/L


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ME2-C2H5OH- with 16 type sensor is a galvanic cell electrochemical sensor. C2H5OH and O2 in the working electrode and a counter electrode on the corresponding redox reaction and the release of charge current, the current size of the C2H5OH concentration and is proportional to the concentration of C2H5OH and follow Faraday’s law, the size of the current can be determined by testing the level of.

Sensor features
Low power consumption, high precision, high sensitivity, wide linear range, strong anti-interference ability, excellent repeatability and stability.

Main application
The utility model is widely suitable for the detection of alcohol in traffic safety, high altitude operation and environmental protection.

project parameter
Gas detection Alcohol (C)2H5OH)
range 0-1.0mg/L
Maximum measurement limit 2 mg/L
sensitivity 6 + 2 uA/ (mg/L)
Load resistance (recommended) Less than 20s
Response time (T90) Less than or equal to 10.
Load resistance (recommended) 10.
Repeatability 0.006mg/L
Stability (month) < 2
Output linearity linear
Zero drift (-20 DEG C -40 C) -0.01 mV ~ 0.01mV
Storage temperature (c) 0 to 20 DEG C
temperature range -20 DEG C -50 C
Humidity range 15—–90RH no condensation
Pressure range Standard atmospheric pressure 10.
Detection life 2 years (in the air)