ME3-O2 Electrochemical Oxygen Gas Sensor 0-25% Vol


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ME3-O2 Electrochemical Oxygen Gas Sensor 0-25% vol

ME3-O2 Key Features and Applications:
Low power consumption
High accuracy
High sensitivity
• Wide linear range
• Strong anti-jamming capability
* Excellent repeatability and stability
•Wide fit Industrial, mining and environmental protection under O2 Detection

ME3-O2The main technical parameters:
Range 0-25% vol
Maximum measurement limit 30% vol
Detection life 2Year
Sensitivity 0.15 0.05mA (Air)
Temperature range -20~+50
Pressure range Standard atmospheric pressure 10%
Response time (T90) 15S
Humidity range 0-99% RH non-condensing
Stability (/ month) <2%
Load resistance (recommended) 100
Repeatability <2% Output value