ME3-PH3 Phosphine Electrochemical Sensor Industrial Gas Detection 0-10ppm


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ME3-PH3 Phosphine Electrochemical Sensor Industrial Gas Detection 0-10ppm

Phosphine electrochemical sensor ME3-PH3 Work according to the principles of electrochemistry, electrochemical oxidation process utilizing test gas in the electrolytic cell working electrode, through the electronic circuit of the working electrode and reference the cell constant potential in an appropriate electrode, can occur in the potential electrochemical oxidation gas to be measured, due to the oxygen in the oxidation and reduction reactions arising from the Faraday current is very small, negligible, so the current is proportional to its concentration test gas generated by electrochemical reaction and follow Faraday\’s law. Thus, by measuring the current size can determine the concentration of the test gas.

Key Features and Applications:
Low power consumption
High accuracy
High sensitivity
• Wide linear range
• Strong anti-jamming capability
* Excellent repeatability and stability
•Wide fit Industrial, mining and environmental protection under the PH3Detection

The main technical parameters:
Product number
Product type
Electrochemical gas sensor
Product Packaging
Plastic package (ME3)
Detection range 0-10ppm
Maximum measurement limit 20ppm
Life expectancy 2 years
Sensitivity 1.700.30uA / ppm
Resolution 0.05ppm
Operating temperature range -20 ~ + 50
Working pressure range Standard atmospheric pressure 10%
Response time (T90) 30S
Humidity range 15% -90% RH non-condensing
Zero drift (-20 ~ + 40 ) 0.07ppm
Stability (/ month) <2%
Load resistance (recommended) 10
Repeatability <2% of the output value
Output Linearity Linear