O2+Ex+CO+H2S 4 In 1 Multi Gas Detector Monitor Analyzer Combustible Gas Leakage Detection



This model supports customization: single gas detection, 2 in 1,3 in 1,4 in 1,5 in 1,6 in 1 gas detection, if you need customization, please contact us: enquiries@winsensors.com

This is a portable gas detector with a large LCD. It can monitor CO, H2S, O2 and combustible gas simultaneously. The instrument features two instant alarms with audio/visual and vibratory indicators, rechargeable battery, and simple use.

Operating & Storage Environment
Temperature: -20°C~55°C (-4F~122F)
Humidity: 5%-95% (Relative humidity non-condensing)
Pressure: 95~110kPa
Sampling method
Diffusion type
Detecting Range
CO: 0~1000ppm
H2S:0~100 PPM
O2: 0~30%vol
Combustible Explosive Gas (Ex / LEL / CH4): 0~100%LEL
O2 /H2S / CO: plug-in electrochemical sensor
Alarm Type
low & high alarm, multiple gas alarm, sensor alarm, battery low alarm, prompt tone, automatic shutdown alarm
0.1%VOL (O2), 1ppm (CO), 0.1ppm (H2S), 1%LEL (EX)
Data record
500 sets of data storage
Alphanumeric large LCD displays the real time gas concentration and alarm stage
Automatically activated when working in poor lighting environment or the alarm sounding or the button is knobbed down.
Self-checking Function
Self-checking Battery power, display, sensor, hardware failure
Protection grade
Power Supply
Rechargeable lithium battery
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Application Area

Portable gas detector is widely applied to industrial use, such as Shipping, Mining, Oil & Gas, Metallurgy, Chemical plants, Underground pipeline, gas station, wastewater plants, Landfill ,etc.

We can tailor made combination of FIVE/FOUR / THREE / TWO different gas below into one reader upon customer request. Contact us to get a quote: enquiries@winsensors.com