O3 Gas Monitoring / Automatic Switch On / Off Control Board for Ozone Generator


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what you will get from this purchase:

– One installed 0 -100ppm Ozone O3 Sensor
– One Automatic Power On / Off Control Board
– Screen displayed remotely with cable (default 30cm cable, length can be adjusted, free of charge)
– Sensor installed remotedly via cable (default 1 metre cable, length can be adjusted, free of charge)
– Control botton can be installed remotedly via cable (default with cable,)

This control kit help you monitor your ozone concentration in the room / chamber, power on Ozone Generator
when ozone concentration dropped to certain low PPM (figure pre-set by you, say 15ppm) and
automatically power off generator
when ozone concentration reaches certain high PPM (pre-set by you,
say 85ppm, maximum 100ppm). This is a perfect control board
which help you monitor ozone meter and
also control the gas concentration in the room without manual adjustment。

After you received this kit, you just connect with our ozone generator, set your planned ozone concentration,
and it will do the job.
The control board are 110V / 220V powered and connected with your ozone
generator (via fire red cable).
The display screen are powered by any 5V USB cable. 

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We can Custom Made Other Sensors / Readers / Tailor Made Functions or Other gas Detection Range upon discussion!

We also have other reader versions, uniquely developed by us, including:
1) USB Plug Play version; you can read your gas data Anytime Anywhere with a USB Power Bank / Adapter, Portable and Convenient.
2) Remote Reader version, you can read your data OUTSIDE gas chamber with no protection needed. Suitable for outdoor field work;
3) Computer Log version, you can remotely and simultaneously read and record your data in computer, save data in Excel for later
Data Analysis use. Free Software; Operational Manual can be downloaded from our Website.
4) Dissolved Gas Water Reader version, quickly read Dissolved Gas Concentration in water, Best Water Reading Pen in market.
5) Gas Monitoring and Automatic Switch On / Off Control Board for Ozone (and other gases) Generator, Customizable and Cost Effective solution
6) Protective Covered version which can be OEM, ODM, add Logo, Names, Slogan etc.,

We offer Custom Design and Manufacturing Service with No Minimums Required!
Please contact us if you need your reader / controller to be custom manufactured.
We can discuss the Range and Function and we will quote you within 24 hours.

Product Features:

(1) High Sensitivity, this sensor responds quickly to the testing environment, warmed up in the factory so ready to use

(2) High accuracy, sensor pre-calibrated already in factory, various output options. After comparison with other sensor,
this sensor showed low deviation rate from other brands. we normally use UART but can offer other connections

(3) After hundreds of testing by our engineers, this sensor proves  Accuracy, Stability and Long Life Cycle,
RoHS Certification Passed, Anti-Explosion and Coal Mining Safety Certification passed.

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