Oxygen O2 Sensor 40XV AAY80-390R UK City Brand New Original Packing


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Note: There are two kinds of packaging, the products are the same, the difference is:

 AAY80-390R(Filling),AAY80-390(Packaged in tray)

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Product parameter:


Brand: CITY


Place of Origin: Mainland China

Output model category: analog sensor

Working principle: gas sensor

Applicable scenarios: environment, coal mine, metallurgy, fire fighting….

Sensor category: Gas sensor

Weight: 16g

4OXV Oxygen performance characteristics:

Working principle: electrochemistry

Effective electrodes: two electrodes (3 pins)

Measuring range: 1~25%

Maximum overload: 30%

Output signal: 0.10±0.02mA in the air

Long-term output drift: <2%/month, the entire working life is usually <5%

Response time (T90): <15s

Zero current (bias): <0.6%

Linear: It can be considered linear in many cases

Recommended load resistance: 100Ω

Shell material: ABS

Weight: <16g

Azimuth sensitivity: <0.2%

Operating temperature range: -20℃ to +50℃

Recommended storage temperature: 0℃~20℃

Thermal transient (temperature plunge +22°C to -20°C): <23.5%

Working pressure range: ±20% of atmosphere

Pressure coefficient: <0.02%/Mbar

Pressure dynamics (60 cm water column step change): <200% signal change

Continuous relative humidity range (at 0℃ to 20℃): 5~95%RH non-condensing

Short-term relative humidity range (at 0℃ to 20℃): 0~99%RH non-condensing

Expected working life: 24 months in the air

Storage life: 6 months in original packaging

Shelf life: 12 months

Product instructions:


  1. It is forbidden to use an electric soldering iron to solder the lead wire of the sensor pin at high temperature. Please use it with the supplied pinhole!
  2. It is forbidden to use glue potting with strong heat, volatilization and corrosion properties!