PID photoion, VOC signal board, analog voltage output


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PID optical ion VOC organic volatile gas sensor signal processing and conditioning board, which is provided by a team of long-term development experience, provides perfect customer service technology. It can also support the purchase of sensor probes to help customers quickly apply.

  1. Power supply: +9V~25V;
  2. Signal output: linear analog signal [the output can be adjusted (the conventional board is not welded, please be clear when you need to adjust, and adjust 2 potentiometers at the same time), suggestion: 0~4.5V, and due to the difference of the probe, single The equipment needs calibration gas and acquisition application software to correct the linear slope];
  3. Power-off control: low-level effective (<0.5V), mainly used for range overload protection, and interval collection applications that need to save energy (such as battery power). After the power is turned on again, a stable time is required (5~ 10 minutes) before collecting data!
  4. Sensor probe: Suitable for PID sensors of ION, Alpha, Baseline manufacturers, read the introduction of each probe in the shop in detail, and when the probe is connected for the first time, it takes 5-10 minutes to stabilize!


  1. Provide supporting probe service; 
  2. Support customized services (analog output, digital output, wireless acquisition, touch screen acquisition, host computer monitoring, etc.)
  3. Schematic diagrams, PCB, source code services are not provided for direct-sale products in stores;