Remote Reader Plug Play Ozone O3 Gas Sensor Air Detection Reader Monitor 0-5ppm


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This listing is for one Brand New Ecokn®
Remote USB Plug Play (use Bluetooth Technology) Reader 
you can now reader your data OUTSIDE gas room with No Protection needed.
USB Gas Sensor Electrochemical Sensor Detection Reader Range: 0 – 5PPM
High quality accurate measurement

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We can Custom Made Other Sensors / Readers / Tailor Made Functions 
or other gas Detection Range upon discussion!

Performance Characteristics|
Nominal Range      0~5 ppm
Maximum Overload    20 ppm
Sensitivity(20℃)   0.45 ± 0.20 μA/ppm
Response Time (T90)      ≤ 60 s
Zero Signal(20℃)  < ±70 nA
Baseline Shift (- 20℃ ~ 50℃)  < 50 ppb(After compensation)
Resolution   10 ppb
Linearity Linear up to 5 ppm
Bias Voltage     0 mV

We also have other reader versions, uniquely developed by us, including:
1) USB Plug Play version; you can read your gas data Anytime Anywhere with a USB Power Bank / Adapter, Portable and Convenient.
2) Remote Reader version, you can read your data OUTSIDE gas chamber with no protection needed. Suitable for outdoor field work;
3) Computer Log version, you can remotely and simultaneously read and record your data in computer, save data in Excel for later 
Data Analysis use. Free Software; Operational Manual can be downloaded from our Website.
4) Dissolved Gas Water Reader version, quickly read Dissolved Gas Concentration in water, Best Water Reading Pen in market.
5) Gas Monitoring and Automatic Switch On / Off Control Board for Ozone (and other gases) Generator, Customizable and Cost Effective solution
6) Protective Covered version which can be OEM, ODM, add Logo, Names, Slogan etc.,