Tailor Made Oxygen sensor signal processing board, conditioning board, + 3.3 ~ 5V power supply, analog voltage output


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product description:

Port introduction:

  1. Power supply: +3.3V~+5V;
  2. Signal output: Under the condition of 20.9% oxygen concentration, output a voltage signal of about 2.0V (theoretical value, in practice, it needs to be corrected by the slope of the acquisition software according to the difference of the probe);
  3. Reference voltage: +2.5V, accuracy 1%, externally output by the signal board, which can be used to collect the external Vref voltage of the microcontroller to improve the sampling accuracy;
  4. Power-on control: effective at high level (>2V), mainly used for interval collection applications that need to save energy (such as battery power), and when the probe remains online, it does not need to be stable after power-on again Time, data can be collected directly!
  5. Oxygen probe: suitable for 4OXV, O2-A2, GS+4OX, etc., read the probe introduction in the shop carefully, and when the probe is connected for the first time, it takes 5-10 minutes to stabilize!


  1. Provide supporting probe service;
  2. Support customized services
  3. Schematic diagrams, PCB, source code services are not provided for direct-sale products in stores;