Temperature Calibration Device For Ear Temperature Gun Forehead Temperature Gun/ Blackbody Furnace Calibrator


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Calibration Use Blackbody Furnace for Ear Temperature Gun Forehead Temperature Gun

A precision blackbody (black body) is a controlled source of thermal radiation used to calibrate infrared radiation thermometers (pyrometers), thermal imagers and radiation heat flux gauges and radiometers. This is special used in calibration for Infrared ear temperature gun, forehead temperature gun and medical thermometer. It can also be used for the calibration of infrared body surface screening instrument. This black body source has been introduced to meet the demand for a simple, cost-effective, but high accuracy calibrator for the calibration of thermal imagers and infrared thermometers used at temperatures near ambient. A 56mm diameter, ridged plate is heated or cooled with an internal solid-state thermoelectric heat pump. The temperature of the plate can be set from 30°C to 50°C, to a resolution of 0.01°C.

Infrared forehead temperature gun, Infrared ear temperature gun, Portable infrared thermometer, Medical thermometer, Infrared body surface screening instrument


1) Emissivity: more than 0.99, isothermal black body cavity, only one cavity mouth, cavity mouth radiation evenly distributed with the spectrum.
2) Novel design, simple operation
3) Adapt automatic temperature control method, safe and reliable, fast temperature rise and good temperature stability.
4) Easy to operate, Small size and light weight, easy to carry. Suitable not only for laboratory calibration, but also for field calibration.
5) Display the measured value, set value and parameter setting with double row digits. New technology, high precision, multi – function and strong anti – interference ability.