UK alpha Alfa NO2-B43F nitrogen dioxide sensor air quality monitoring ppb level


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Please note we have developed tailor made signal boards for this sensor, which can be purchased separately.
Contact us for more details about application of this sensor or various signal boards suitable for this sensor.

Model: NO2-B43F

Brand: Alphasense

Material: mixture

Origin: other overseas regions

Output model category: analog sensor

Working principle: gas sensor

Applicable scenarios: air quality monitoring, flue gas, industrial safety

Sensor category: gas sensor

Weight: 13g

NO2-B43F nitrogen dioxide sensor parameters:

Working principle: 4-electrode electrochemistry

Sensitivity: -200~-650nA/ppm

Filter gas: Ozone O3

Response time (T90): from 0 to 2ppm <60 seconds

Zero point current (+ 20°C): <70nA

Resolution: 15ppb

Nominal range: 0~20 ppm

Maximum overload: 50ppm

Service life (signal attenuation 50%):> 24 months


Operating temperature range: -30~+40°C

Recommended storage temperature: 3~20°C

Storage period: 6 months

Working pressure range: 80~120kPa

Working humidity range: 15~85%RH

Recommended load resistance: 33~100Ω

Bias voltage: none

Weight: <13g