UK City A5F carbon monoxide CO sensor Smoke detection


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Please note we have developed tailor made signal boards for this sensor, which can be purchased separately.
Contact us for more details about application of this sensor or various signal boards suitable for this sensor.

Model: A5F

Brand: CITY Material: Mixture

Origin: other overseas regions

Output model category: analog sensor

Working principle: gas sensor

Applicable scenarios: environment, coal mine, metallurgy, fire fighting, petrochemical industry

Sensor category: gas sensor

Weight: 13g

A5F carbon monoxide sensor:

Working principle: electrochemistry

Effective electrodes: four electrodes

Nominal range: 0~2000 ppm

Maximum overload: 4000ppm

Filtration: with acid gas filtration 100,000 ppm hours

Sensitivity*: 75±25nA/ ppm

Long-term sensitivity drift: <2% signal loss/month

Resolution: 1ppm

Response time (T90)*: <40 seconds

Baseline shift (clean air)*: -2 to 17 ppm equivalent

Zero offset (+20°C to +40°C): less than 5ppm equivalent

Repeatability: 1% signal

Output characteristics: linear

Recommended load resistance: 10Ω

Bias voltage: not required

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C

Recommended storage temperature: 0°C to 20°C

Working pressure range: atmospheric pressure ± 10%

Pressure coefficient: 0.010% semaphore / mbar

Working humidity range: 15-90% RH

Expected service life: three years in the air

Storage life: 6 months in the original packaging

Shelf life: 12 months


  1. It is forbidden to use an electric soldering iron to solder the lead wire of the sensor pin at high temperature. Please use it with the supplied pinhole!
  2. It is forbidden to use glue potting with strong heat, volatilization and corrosion properties!