ZE07-CH2O Formaldehyde Gas Sensor Module


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• Electrochemical principle
• Output DAC(0.4-2V) and UART

ZE07-CH2O is a general-purpose and miniaturization electrochemical Formaldehyde detection module. It utilizes electrochemical principle to detect CH2O in air which makes the module with high selectivity and stability. It is a combination of mature electrochemical detection principle and sophisticated circuit design.

Applications :

Portable detector, air-quality monitor device, air fresher, fresh air ventilation system, air-condition, smart home device &etc.Technical parameters :

Model No. ZE07-CH2O
Target Gas CH2O
Interference Gas Alcohol, CO &etc.
Output Data DAC(0.4~2V standard voltage output)
UART Output(3V Electrical Level)
Working Voltage 3.7V~9V (No voltage reverse connect protection)
Warm up time ≤3 minutes
Response time ≤ 60s
Resume time ≤ 60s
Detection Range 0~5ppm
Resolution 0.01ppm
Operating Temp. 0℃~50℃
Operating Hum. 15%RH-90%RH (No condensation)
Storage temp. 0℃~50℃
Working life 2 years(in air)

Reference Circuit :

PIN15 Vin (Voltage input 3.7V-9V)
PIN1 VOUT(Voltage output 3.0V)
PIN3 Reserved
PIN4 Reserved
PIN7 UART (RXD) 0~3.0V Data input
PIN8 UART(TXD) 0~3.0V Data output
PIN9 Sensor Analog signal
PIN10 DAC 0.4V-2V (0-full measuring range)