ZE07-H2 Electrochemical Hydrogen Module 0-30000PPM


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product description

ZE07-H2 electrochemical hydrogen module is a general-purpose, miniaturized module. The use of electrochemical principles of the existence of H2 in the air to detect, with good selectivity, stability. Built-in temperature sensor, can be temperature compensation; also has a digital output and analog voltage output, easy to use. ZE07-H2 is a common type of gas module designed and manufactured by combining mature electrochemical detection with excellent circuit design.


High sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption, long service life
Provide UART, analog voltage signal and other output methods
High stability, excellent anti-jamming capability, temperature compensation, excellent linear output

Application areas

Portable instruments, air quality monitoring equipment, fresh air ventilation systems, intelligent home appliances and other places.