Computer Log Version USB Driver, Gas Reader Software and Operational Manual:
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We can add or change functions upon customer request.
For example, change of reading frequency, change to another language, or add other gas readings etc.
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Questions and Answers:
What is the difference between Remote Reader and Computer Log version Reader?
A: Both reader consist of two USB devices, one is gas reader and transmitter, another function as data receiver. Both can collect data simultaneously and remotely!  Remote reader can pick up data outside gas room with another USB powered display so no computer needed on site (suitable for field work). Computer Log Reader can Read and Record data on computer, you can save it in Excel format and then use the data for later analysis or demonstration purpose.

What is difference between 0-10ppm and 0-100ppm Ozone sensor?
A: 0 – 10 ppm sensor have higher sensitivity and recommend for household use, for example, when there is Air Purifier, Printer, Ultraviolet Lamp etc, in the room, or odor treatment. 0 – 100ppm sensor is for Industrial or Laboratory use, (high concentration and NO human environment), for example, Food Processing, Agriculture, Disinfection and Sterilization etc., Please make sure you purchase the Right Range which best suit your needs. Please contact us if you are not sure and we will provide further guidance.

I am using Ozone Generator to sterilize my house/car/premises, which Ozone Reader should I purchase?
A: During Ozone sterilization the concentration is high (way above 10ppm), if you wish to test the Ozone Output (concentration) while generator is working, you should purchase 0-100ppm reader. If you wish to check whether the house / car are safe to enter AFTER sterilization, then you should purchase 0-10ppm reader.

How to read the figure on USB Gas Reader?
A: Firstly reader decimal point positions various depends on sensor detection range. For 0-100ppm reader, as its maximum range is 100ppm, resolution is 0.1ppm, so when it displays 009.3, it means 9.3ppm. If it displays 0.251, then gas concentration is 25.1ppm. (Easiest way is just read last 3 digits and ignore first digit). For 0-10ppm reader, if reader displays 8.400, it means gas concentration is 8.4ppm. (Easiest way is read first 2 digits and ignores last 2). Please contact us if you have questions in reading the data.

Can I purchase sensor module or USB PCB board and install the kit myself?
A: Yes you can. We have customers do DIY themselves; some succeeded with their own nice design. Some failed with no signal output. As every end user skills, knowledge, test kits are different, it sometimes difficult for us to provide accurate advice for DIY install, or spot the issue immeidately. Some customers only purchased one sensor so lack of necessary replacement if something goes wrong. We therefore encourage customer purchase finished products directly but we are also willing to provide technical support in our endeavour. But please understand we cannot guarantee every DIY works, and we do not take tested sensor return and refund. We simply can not afford to cover shipping and a returned sensor, which we don’t know it has broken or not.

Please note 0-10ppm gas sensor module only work with 0-10ppm USB board, you should not install 0-10ppm sensor to our 0-100ppm USB board, or Vice Versa. As decimal point position will be messed and will not accurately display the data.

Do you offer Custom Design Service?
A: Yes, we offer Custom Design and Manufacturing service with No Minimum order required. We can suggest sensor type in our experience to best suit your project, or we can install a designated sensor upon your request. we can add USB read or remote or computer Log function for most sensors.

How far is Bluetooth Allowed Distance?
A: Technically 10 meters. But this varies depends on the quality of wall / house and whether there is disruptions. Reading between one wall should be no problem. We soldered bluetooth modules on both USB devices so please face two modules with each other and minimise anything in between to get better signal. Our bluetooth module connect automatically so no manual setting needed.

Can I use one computer to pick up multiple readers data in one house?
A: Currently our Computer Log version works at Ad-Hoc Mode; we can develop one computer pick up multiple readers data version upon customer request.

Do you have any other Sensors / Readers / Monitor which I didn’t find?
A: Not all our products are listed, we are currently developing several other prototypes. Please contact us with your request and we will share our update on R & D.

Do you have python script that can let me log data into a linux (raspberry pi ) system?
A: We do not have off the shelf python script, we can produce one if needed. Total package usually will include one PCB board, software, and sensor, it normally cost more for the first sample, once protetype done, subsequent production will be much cheaper. The development timeframe is around 7 working days.

Do you have All in One reader which can read different gas and display in one device?
A: Yes we can design and produce a device that can read various gases and display all data in one device. Please contact us with your request and gas type, we will quote within 24 hours.

Can you provide mass production?
A: Yes. We provide both sample development and mass production service upon discussion.

Can we use your USB reading board and designate a Sensor Brand ourselves?
A: Yes, as long as we can source the sensor from our market, or you supply the sensor, we can install the sensor into our USB kit and ship to you. 

Do you accept other alternative payment rather than PayPal? Can you provide invoice?
A: Yes we accept Bank Transfer and we can provide commercial invoice and Pro-forma upon request.

Can I get Expedited Shipping and what is extra cost?
A: Please note ALL our USB Readers are By Default using Fastest Expedited Shipping with No extra
cost to customer. It normally take 3 – 4 days to arrive, it depends on countries. For some Sensor Modules and low cost products we will use Airmail which takes 12 – 15 days to arrive. we can upgrate the shipping if you need it urgently. please contact us to get accurate quote and timeline.

How to power the USB device?
A: Ecokn® USB Plug Play Reader powered by any 5V USB Socket, so either computer USB Socket, or USB Power Adapter, or USB Power Bank, can power our USB device. Once the device powered up, it will work and try to read the data. If you wish to power off please just unplug it.

1. For sensor module, please warm up for at least 5 minutes for first time using. Winsensors USB readers NO warm up needed.
2. Please keep sensor avoid organic solvent, coatings, medicine, oil and high concentration gases
3. Please do not expose the sensor in high concentration organic gas for a long time. It will affect the precision and reduce the sensor lifecycle.
4. Please keep sensor avoid excessive impact or vibration.
5. Please do not use the sensor in systems which related to human being’s safety.
6. Please do not use the modules in strong air convection environment.
7. Please do not touch the white sensing film
8. Please do not unplug the sensor, or modify any components on the PCB.
9. Please do not use our software for non-Winsensors product data collection or for any Unauthorised Use.

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